Attracting new sponsors as small not-for-profit organisation

Attracting new sponsors as small not-for-profit organisation

Why Social Media Advertising Is Critical For the Online Marketing of Your Business

Shane Jennings

Social media, without a doubt, is incredibly popular around the world. But while you may think that social media is simply about staying in touch with friends and loved ones, this medium is also highly essential for businesses too. In fact, having a social network for your business is essential for your marketing strategy since it allows you to connect with your customers and potential clients at the ground level. If you are still prioritising traditional marketing strategies in the form of television and radio, read on for reasons why social media advertising is critical for the online marketing of your business.

Social media advertising will bolster brand awareness

Visibility is one of the most sought after aspects of running a business. If your target demographic is not aware of what your business can offer them, then it is unlikely that you will make enough sales to turn a profit. Integrating social media advertising into your business's marketing strategy is an ideal way to bolster awareness of your brand since you will be exposing your business to a vast audience. To ensure that you are making the most of your social media advertising for brand awareness purposes, you should have content that your audience can interact with, which subsequently increases their interest for your products or services. And if your content is interesting enough to be shared by your audience, you substantially increase the number of people your brand will be exposed to!

Social media advertising increases your inbound traffic

If you are not engaging in effective online marketing, it means that your websites inbound traffic will be limited to your pre-existing clientele. The reason is that only the individuals that are familiar with your products will be searching the same keywords when looking for your site. When you engage in social media advertising, you get to broaden the circle of your customers. Social media allows you to incorporate hashtags in your post, which can be searched for in a majority of types of social media. Furthermore, when you syndicate your content on multiple social media platforms will expose to people with varying needs, backgrounds and shopping behaviours. Hence, you have a broader reach to different demographics while also reaching your primary target demographic on different platforms!

Social media advertising will raise your rankings on search engines

One surprising benefit of social media advertising is that it can have a positive impact on your search engine rankings too! The more people interacting with your social media pages and employing hashtags associated with your business, the more your business's pages appear on search engines. Thus, when other people search for services or products related to your business, your business's social media interactions will help you achieve higher rankings on search engine pages.


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Attracting new sponsors as small not-for-profit organisation

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